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AmeriCredit, formerly AmeriCredit Corp., has been a leading provider of auto finance solutions for dealers and consumers in the U.S. since 1992. The company has established expertise in originating and servicing subprime auto loans, which include auto finance contracts originated by dealers and purchased by the company. On October 1, 2010, General Motors Company (GM) acquired AmeriCredit Corp. and changed the company's name to General Motors Financial Company, Inc. ("GM Financial"). GM Financial is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors. The company focuses on providing unique financing products to dealers in North America to support vehicle sales. The company operates under the GM Financial name when conducting business with GM dealers. The company operates under the AmeriCredit brand when conducting business with all other dealers.

AmeriCredit is a wholly owned subsidiary of General Motors Company. Ally (formerly known as GMAC was a subsidiary of GM, prior to its disposition by GM in 2006), is a bank holding company that also provides financing products to auto dealers. AmeriCredit and Ally do not have a mutual majority shareholder, nor is one company owned by the other.

AmeriCredit dealer services organization is divided into five regions to enhance the level of service we provide to our dealers. Our salesforce, located in fifteen regional offices in the United States, is divided between GM Financial and AmeriCredit. Our GM Financial salesforce focuses on GM dealers and our AmeriCredit salesforce focuses on all other dealers. The company has two centralized funding centers -- located in Arlington, Texas and Chandler, Arizona -- to enhance the speed of funding.

AmeriCredit has been a leading subprime auto finance company for over 20 years. Subprime lending continues to be our focus and core product offering.

AmeriCredit is focused on meeting the fundamental auto finance needs of middle-market consumers. See Subprime Auto Loans for characteristics of loans we recently originated.

DealerTrack and RouteOne house relevant and important program information. AmeriCredit will also communicate details of all programs, program changes and new product/program launches to dealers via our sales team.

  • If you have questions on any of AmeriCredit financing programs for consumers, please call your local dealer relationship manager for general questions.
  • Underwriting questions should be directed to your local AmeriCredit Credit Center. Locate an AmeriCredit Credit Center near you.
  • For title-related questions, you may contact the Collateral Lien Perfection team at 877-449-3609. Any other questions can be directed to
  • For all other retail program related questions, please call us at 800-920-0477.

Contact your Dealer Relationship Manager (DRM) or local credit center. If you don't know the name of your DRM or the number to your credit center, email, or call 800-920-0477 and select option 1, then select option 3 for a prompt response.

Visit an AmeriCredit Credit Center, and complete and submit the Request Information form. Your information will be given to a representative in your area to contact you within 48 hours or you can call Dealer Relations at 800-920-0477, select option 1, and then select option 3.

No, AmeriCredit has dealer agreements with almost every dealership franchise, and some select independent dealerships.

Funding delays are typically the result of incomplete package submissions. However, you can contact FundsNow to address your concerns regarding a specific deal, by calling 800-920-0477, select option 1, and then select option 4.

Customers can call Customer Service at 800-284-2271.

Yes, simply register through the link on our Auto Remarketing page to access our auction inventory list.

AmeriCredit does business with some select independent dealers. Contact our Dealer Relations Team at 800-920-0477 for more information.

Yes. AmeriCredit is a wholly-owned subsidiary of General Motors. We operate under the name GM Financial for GM dealerships and AmeriCredit for all other dealerships.

Since AmeriCredit is an indirect lender, it is a violation of our dealer agreement to allow our name to be used in marketing and advertising targeting the end user – your customer.

All requests for a copy of the AmeriCredit logo must be directed to, with details on the intended use of the logo. AmeriCredit must also have final approval on the copy before publication.

Unfortunately, since we are an indirect lender, our written materials are created as dealer facing marketing material and are not designed to comply with all consumer advertising regulations.

We do, however, have AmeriCredit logo items available to our dealers for special sales and events as needed.

You can go to our website,, and click on Careers to review and apply for job openings.

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